Return Policy


Gallery Street is a producer of a very specialized print product. We are committed to customer satisfaction. Due to the fact that our orders are custom-printed and not in inventory, print jobs from customer-supplied digital files may not be returned. If a defect in materials is evident, the item may be exchanged for one identical item. However, we cannot take responsibility for typing, image, or design errors introduced by customers in the document creation process. In an effort to keep costs down and pass those savings along to our customers, Gallery Street does not review digital documents for content or spelling.


If Gallery Street digitally captures an original piece of art and provides a Masterpiece Giclée™ print that does not match the original artwork within the described tolerances (below), we will accept a return of that Masterpiece Giclée print for either a corrected replacement or a refund for that particular errant print. This applies only to a print from which Gallery Street captured the original piece of art. This refund option also applies only to the first time that a specific artwork title is ordered. If prints of the same title have been ordered in the past and were NOT returned to Gallery Street by the customer, Gallery Street will assume the prints were acceptable and any subsequent orders must be accepted by the customer as is. If a digital file was produced outside of Gallery Street, any prints from that file are final sales. No refund will be given for the digital capture. Due to the nature of digital files and their ability to be copied and stored. Gallery Street will not refund the fee charged for capturing artwork. If the digital file has never been outside of Gallery Street's possession, there is a possibility Gallery Street will refund the fee for the digital capture. It is only in these circumstances that a refund may be given for the digital capture.


Reproductions of artwork may vary from the original piece of art for many reasons. All of Gallery Street's giclée prints are produced using aqueous-based pigment inks. Due to the difference in chemistry, an original piece of art that may have been produced using acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor paint, oil pastels, pastels, mixed media, or any other medium other than aqueous-based pigment inks may differ slightly. This described variance from the original may be due to the reflective qualities of the medium, color gamut of the paint versus ink, white point dictated by the raw substrate, the lighting used to present the piece, or any other physical aspect that may determine the way the human eye detects color. Gallery Street will always strive to closely match the original artwork provided by the customer. Color is a subjective quality that may cause differences in opinions. Gallery Street uses very advanced equipment for measuring color based on a standard set by the International Color Consortium (ICC). We profile our monitors, input devices, and printers on a regular basis. If a customer provides Gallery Street with a digital file to print, they must understand that unless they have used hardware such as a colorimeter to calibrate and profile their computer's monitor or display, they may see differences in what their monitor showed versus what Gallery Street's printers printed. Supplied digital files are accepted, processed, and printed without any color management on Gallery Street's part.


Gallery Street will TRY to cancel an order for you, if possible. Due to our fast turnaround times, most of the time orders cannot be canceled. We will make a great effort to cancel an order but remember once an order is placed it is basically final.