Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Gallery Street

  • #1experience

    Our Master Printers at Gallery Street have over a decade of experience in the digital imaging field. They are experts in color management, imaging technology, and all aspects of digital printing. Gallery Street's knowledge of the latest, cutting-edge art reproduction technology keeps the company abreast of any new advancements in the industry. Often referenced by trade publications, Gallery Street is among the leaders in the art reproduction field.

  • #2equipment

    Gallery Street has invested heavily in all the latest and the best equipment for digitizing artwork and printing Giclées. Our Betterlight Scan Back camera is the ultimate in digitally capturing original artwork and providing a very detailed high-resolution file. Our Canon printers are the workhorses of the Giclée printing business and allow us to produce artwork on an assortment of media up to 60" wide.

  • #3service

    The key to Gallery Street's success is our highly regarded personal service. We view each job as a top priority and make each customer feel valued and respected. Our customers count on us, and we do not let them down. We work extra hard behind the scenes so that our artists and galleries look good to their clients. Our turnaround times are short, and we strive to make each job perfect. Visit our testimonial section for true accounts from some of our clients.

  • #4pricing

    What would a business be these days without competitive pricing? As you compare pricing for digital captures and Giclée printing, you must be sure that you compare apples to apples. Not all Giclée equipment and expertise are equal. Our technology, precision color accuracy, and personal service are what make us the best. Every once in a while, you will come across a better price, but remember, as the saying goes, "you typically get what you pay for." Often customers come to us after spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars elsewhere, and are unsatisfied. We get it right the first time and allow you to sell your reproductions right away to generate revenue. We are also one of the only Giclée print houses that will produce small orders. For example, our minimum order for 8x10 Giclées is two!

  • #5reputation

    The best referral is from other artists who use our services. We are well-known in the industry by some of today's leading artists. Please read over our testimonials where our artists and galleries have left their comments regarding our work.

  • #6accuracy

    To us, a Giclée is only great when it looks virtually identical to the original. We are color perfectionists. We've removed the proofing procedure with our clients as we do all the color matching behind the scenes. If we capture the original, we can match it. It's that simple. It is often an artist who can not tell their original from a Masterpiece Giclée™ print. Our years of experience in color management coupled with the finest of materials ensure your Giclée will be perfect. The best you can get.

  • #7proofs

    Here at Gallery Street, we feel your time is too valuable to waste on proofing prints. We do all proofing behind the scenes. Simply put, we do not give you reproductions that are not accurate. Of course, if you ever felt unhappy about the color of your print, we guarantee our work and will refund your money or keep working on it until we get it right. In the many years, Gallery Street has been producing Fine Art Reproductions; we can claim that we have not had to refund one client's money.

  • #8turnaround

    We strive to stick to a quick turnaround schedule. From digital capture to varnished Giclée print, our turnaround is generally 5-7 days. We work very hard and very quickly, but perfection does take time. We do offer rush services for those times you are in a crunch.

  • #9products

    Gallery Street not only offers the best in digital captures and Giclée prints, but we have great pricing on metal prints and glass prints. Many artists have moved to have a painting digitally captured and then reproduced as a mural as a great alternative to hand-painting the wall. Which also allows you to produce your artwork in several locations. Please read more about each product under our services heading.

  • #10we're fun!

    Gallery Street people are fun! Artists are cool! We enjoy meeting and continuing relationships with our artists and galleries. We always strive to make every experience of our customers the best possible. There is always a happy face waiting to greet you here at Gallery Street.